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Alarm.com is building drones to monitor your home inside and out

At CES on Tuesday, Alarm.com revealed that it is developing a smart home security drone alongside its other IoT devices and software. The idea is that if you hear something go bump in the night, you can just grab your smartphone and watch a live video stream of what’s happening because your drone has automatically gone to check things out.

Lots of companies — like Y Combinator graduates Aptonomy, General Catalyst-backed Sunflower Labs, Eighty Nine Robotics in Chicago, Secom Co. in Japan and drone behemoth DJI — offer drones or drone-based services that can monitor the perimeter of a home or commercial site from on high. But most aren’t building them to fly indoors.

Alarm.com is developing a system that enables drones to fly wherever unusual people or activities are detected, inside or outdoors, according to Chief Product Officer Dan Kerzner. The company has begun development of both software and hardware, specifically a quadcopter, using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Flight platform. But it hasn’t yet finalized a name for its product.

Alarm.com, which went public in June 2015, builds systems that let home or business owners remotely control and gather data and insights from internet-connected systems like lights, cameras, locks and other devices.

The Washington, D.C.-based company distributes its technology through professional installers. That means it doesn’t rely on crowdfunding campaigns or retail distribution to get its systems into millions of homes or into light commercial applications like at offices or apartment buildings.

Contractors may have other favorite devices they’ll recommend to homeowners and building managers, though. So even though Alarm.com builds plenty of its own hardware, it also creates its software to integrate with, and manage, other companies’ devices.

That’s what it has done with smart home devices on the ground, like Yale locks, LiftMaster garage door openers and other Z-wave devices, Kerzner said. And that’s what the company plans to do with drones, and other autonomously operating robots in the future.

Original Article:  Alarm.com is building drones to monitor your home inside and out

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Locking Technology for the Bathroom

New locking technologies continue to find their way into mainstream applications that we encounter during our daily course of activities. One such application involves the use of shared restrooms typically found in college dorms, medical facilities, and schools.  The fact is, shared restrooms are becoming increasingly popular in new construction as the cost of installing bathrooms can be steep. For plumbing alone, the national average cost for commercial construction ranges from $6 per square foot to more than $8 per square foot, depending on the building type and location and including materials and labor. What it doesn’t include is the cost of framing walls, drywall, fixtures, tiling and/or other finish work. Building one restroom for every two rooms rather than one-to-one, building owners can cut these costs in half and in a multi-story building, those savings can be significant.

However, there are a couple of challenges associated with this type of restroom setup that may give building managers pause. Ensuring the privacy and safety of those who enter the restroom is foremost among these challenges. This requires the person to make sure all entrances to the restroom are locked upon entering, which leads to the second challenge – ensuring all doors are unlocked when a person exits the restroom to provide free access for all connected rooms.

When a restroom door is locked from the inside, the natural assumption is that it is in use. If it remains locked for a lengthy period of time, an individual from one adjacent room must visit the other room to see if the restroom is in fact still occupied or whether the last user forgot to unlock one of the doors. This can be time-consuming and can also add another layer of privacy concerns, particularly in nursing home or medical facility applications. Worse yet, is if all doors are accidentally locked no one will be able to access the restroom until a key-holder arrives – a poor use of manpower and operating overhead.

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Stay Safe With These Home And Personal Security Tips

Staying safe in today’s world requires you to actively take steps to improve your personal and home security. Check out the following tips to learn more about the steps that you need to take to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected from harm:

  1. Properly secure your doors. Your home’s exterior doors are one of the primary entry points for burglars or home invaders. Ensure that these doors are as secure as possible. This typically means installing deadbolt locks that can be operated from inside the house. Additionally, make sure that the hinges of your door are on the inside so that they can’t easily be removed.
  1. Install a monitored alarm system. Today’s alarms incorporate many high-tech features that can help significantly improve the security of your home. For instance, most modern alarm systems have around-the-clock monitoring. This can help get help to your location quickly in case anyone tries to breach the outer perimeter of your home.

These security monitoring services usually also track other potential dangers such as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Some systems even offer remote video monitoring that you can use to log in and view what is happening at your home at any time. A well-designed alarm system that is continuously monitored can dramatically increase the safety and security of your property.

  1. Take part in a neighborhood watch group. That way, you and your neighbors can look out for any suspicious activity and report it if necessary. If there is not already a group in your area, consider starting one. These groups can be an extremely effective way to deter crime.
  1. Consider getting a dog. If you love animals and have the time to commit to a pet, a dog can be a fantastic way to keep your home and your family safe. Even a small dog can help prevent break-ins by creating a lot of noise if someone tries to enter your home. Thieves would much rather break into a home that doesn’t have a yapping dog than one that does. Dogs can also be excellent for personal safety since they generally will protect you from harm if need be.

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These home and personal safety tips should help you create a much more secure place to live. By implementing the ideas in this article, you can relax, knowing that you and your loved ones are safe and protected.

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